Maintenance Mode Trip

Some circuit breakers have an additional instantaneous trip setting that can be turned on during maintenance work. In the case of faults, this results in fast tripping, limiting the arc flash incident energy. During normal operation this trip is set to “Off” for selective coordination. This additional trip may be known as Maintenance Mode or have commercial names such as ARMS, Quick-Trip, RELT, etc.

While you are in Coordination focus or Short Circuit focus, you can turn the Maintenance Mode setting “On” or “Off” through the right-click context menu as shown in the picture below. This affects the selected breakers. You can also the highlight the breakers that have Maintenance Mode setting “On.”

Figure 1: Maintenance Mode

More Information

Arc Flash Hazard Analysis Short Circuit Reference (ANSI)
Coordination with PowerProtector™ Short Circuit Reference (IEC)

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