The Dynamic Stability Message Log informs you of particular model behavior. There is not enough room on the one-line to present the number of messages that can be generated by a large case, so a message log provides a convenient chronology of the simulation performed as well as particular model behavior in the simulation. The message log is essential to fully document a simulation. Due to the real-time nature of the simulation and the complexity of even a few dynamic models running together, there is a need for a clear and concise chronology of events.

The message log supplies you with the necessary feedback on the condition of the models during a simulation. We encourage you to always review the message log after each simulation, as a condition may need attention so that your simulation is performed correctly. For example, if the following warning is generated: "Gas Turbine Gov1 on Max Limit," you need to determine why this generator’s governor is on a limit, then fix the issue and re-run the simulation. Review the Message Log again to see if the warning has been eliminated. Without a correction, in this example, the system will not be in steady-state before running the simulation. As soon as the simulation is run, the system model will be trying to satisfy system power balance, since this generator was unable to meet its requirement.

Messages are broken down into four basic types:

  • Script – Notes a script command action was taken.
  • Runtime – Notes a message from the Dynamic Stability engine or a model at run time.
  • Initialization – Notes a message from the Dynamic Stability engine or a model at initialization time.
  • Command – Notes a message from a user toolbar command.

Messages also have a status. The five major status conditions reported are:

  • Error – The Dynamic Stability engine or a model has encountered an error. This must be resolved before your simulation can be run. You will not be able to perform a simulation until the error is resolved.
  • Warning – The Dynamic Stability engine or a model has encountered a condition that could compromise the accuracy of your simulation. We suggest resolving all warnings, even though the simulation is able to proceed.
  • Pass – At initialization time, if a model initializes properly, this message is displayed.
  • OK – This status accompanies informational messages. For example, this could accompany a message from a protective device noting that it has picked up on an over-current condition.
  • Pausing – This status appears when you select a toolbar command to pause the simulation.

Note: If you have purchased only the Transient Motor Starting module and not the Dynamic Stability module, your menus and options will reflect the names "Transient Motor Starting" or "TMS" instead of Dynamic Stability.

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