Current Flow

Clicking Single Point Current Flow or All Source Current Flow in the Harmonics tab displays equipment currents and bus voltages.

  • Single Point Current Flow is a current flow with a single harmonic source injected on user-defined bus at the magnitude, angle and frequency set in the Control tab of the Harmonic Options dialog.
  • All Source Current Flow considers every harmonic source in the system which has that selected frequency.

Performing a Current Flow

  1. In the Harmonics focus, select Harmonics Options. On the Control tab, in the Harmonic Current Flow section, enter the current flow frequency to be injected. Select the Text Output tab and select any output text reports. Click OK.
  2. Select the bus for source current injection.
  3. Click Single Point Current Flow and EasyPower displays the bus voltages throughout the system, in either kV or per-unit.
  4. Note: You can set the kV type display on the One-line Output tab of the Harmonic Options dialog box.

  5. Select All Source Current Flow and EasyPower injects harmonic currents at the specified frequency for every harmonic source in the system that contains that frequency in its harmonic spectrum. These currents are injected at the magnitude and angle specified in the Harmonics tab of the source equipment item. Buses do not need to be selected prior to solving. The output is kV or per-unit, as selected.

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