Temporary Load Data

Figure 1: Temporary Load Data Dialog Box

Option Descriptions
Option Description

Load Model

This indicates the choice made in the regular database dialog—either Specifications or SCADA.

Load Data

Any combination of constant kVA, constant current, or constant impedance loads may be modeled. Different types of loads can also be mixed and matched to model a specific type of equipment such as variable speed drives.

  • Constant kVA: Constant kVA load entered in MW and MVAR.
  • Reference: The term "constant kVA" seems to be an industry standard even though MVA seems to be the more common unit for large industrial uses.

  • Constant I: Constant current load given in MW and MVAR. These values should be entered in per-unit.
  • Constant Z: Constant impedance load given in MW and MVAR. These values should be entered in per-unit.
  • Scaling factor: Each load can be varied by applying a different scaling factor. This lets you model the actual panel or lumped load on a bus, then study different loading conditions. This enables quick "what if" studies and prevents errors that occur from data entry.

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