Temporary Panel Schedule Data

Figure 1: Temporary Panel Data Dialog Box

Option Descriptions
Options Description

Total kVA

This lists the total load of the items which are connected to the Panel Schedule. If an item has "Off" in the status column of the Description tab library of the regular database dialog, it will not be included in this total.

Load Model

This indicates the choice made in the Power Flow tab of the regular database dialog, either Panel Specifications or SCADA.

Load Type

Motors can be modeled for the power flow solution in several different ways.

  • Constant kVA: This is the most common model. It is conservative, and will result in slightly lower voltage values than would be measured on an actual system.
  • Constant Current: This model is generally not used in motor modeling. It more closely matches an induction motor's characteristics in the reactive component than other models, but is technically incorrect because kW is relatively constant throughout the voltage range for an induction motor.
  • Constant Impedance: This model is used for starting induction and synchronous machines, and closely matches motor characteristics during low voltages.
Scaling Factor

Provides an easy way of adjusting the total load used in determining power flows. This reduces modeling errors and eliminates multiple databases for different contingencies.

Tip: Click DB Info to view all of the item's database information.

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