What's New - EasyPower 10.5

The following are the primary features included in the 10.5 release. For additional features and release details, see EasyPower 10.5 Release Details.

  • Support for 30 Character ID Names: ID Names are expanded to support 30 characters for improved alignment with electrical equipment naming conventions and coordination with one-lines, reports, and labels.

  • Arc Flash Labels: New arc flash labels are provided as default and available in several size and color configurations. A simplified layout emphasizes essential information and clearly distinguishes shock from arc flash hazards.

  • Access to Analysis Options: Options for all analysis modules can now be accessed and set from within the database focus at any time. Options for short circuit, coordination, arc flash, power flow, harmonics, and dynamic stability can be established during initial project setup, without an analysis model.

  • Default Short Circuit Options: Options for short circuit analysis can now be saved as default and shared to other users. Default options are automatically applied to all new one-lines and can be selectively applied to existing one-lines for improved coordination between users and projects.

  • Auto-Calculate for Cables and Busways: Impedances and ratings are now automatically calculated by default. The ability to manually enter impedance in ohms or rating in amperes remains an option.

  • TCC Print to Single File: Multiple time-current curves can now be printed to a single PDF file for more efficient packaging in reports and deliverables.

  • Enhanced Find: Find is enhanced with several new features, making it easier to locate and select items on the one-line. Characters or terms can be searched for anywhere within an ID Name or restricted to only the beginning or end. Text within notes on the one-line is also now searchable.

  • One-Line Layout: When moving a group of items fed by a bus, the device connected directly to the bus now moves along with the group. This simplifies rearrangement of feeders or branches to align with circuit ordering, panel configuration or compartment layout.

  • Formatting in Notes: Text formatting in notes is improved to retain word-wrap across multiple editing sessions. When returning to a previously edited note, paragraph form is maintained and text is automatically adjusted to fit within the note boundary.

  • High-Resolution Display: Display of user interface elements at 4K resolution (3840 x 2160) is now supported, including scale settings from 100% to 500%.

  • Revit® 2022: Revit Integrator now includes support for Revit® 2022.

Release Note Details

For more details on the release and bug fix information, see EasyPower 10.5 Release Details.

Note: New release features often include changes to the database. This may affect what you see in the Database Browser and also what is included when you export data into CSV files. If your existing work processes rely on information from the database, be sure to review your processes after you update your software.

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