Updating Your Software

  1. You can update your software by doing either of the following:
    • From within EasyPower, select Tools > Update. Note that this requires an Internet connection.
    • Browse to the EasyPower Updates page at www.easypower.com/updates, enter your Serial Number, and then click Submit. Download the update for your current version of the EasyPower software. You must have a current maintenance plan to download an update.

  2. After the download is finished, open your Downloads folder and double-click on the executable file (for example, EasyPowerSetup10.6.x.xxx) to start the installation process.

You will be asked periodically if you want to update your software after a new update becomes available. You can choose to update the software when asked, or you can perform the update as described above when you are ready to do so.

If your EasyPower maintenance has expired, please contact our office at sales@easypower.com.

For network licenses, you can obtain update information by emailing us at support@easypower.com.

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