Scenario Manager Commands

On the Home tab, click Scenario Mgr to view to the various commands.

Figure 1: Scenario Manager Commands

Option Descriptions
Option Description

New Scenario

Opens a new scenario. EasyPower assigns a default name.

Open Scenario

Opens an existing scenario. A list of scenarios is provided.

Open Base Case

Leaves the open scenario and reverts back to the last-saved base case.

Store Scenario

Stores changes from the last saved base-case to a scenario.

Store Scenario As

Stores changes from the last saved base-case to a scenario allowing you to specify the name of the scenario.

Delete Scenario

Deletes an existing scenario.

Advanced > Store Scenario as Base Case

Stores the current scenario as the base case. This will overwrite the information in the base case.

Create Scenario Comparison Report

Creates report for worst-case arc flash hazards by comparing results between different scenarios.

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