What Now?

Congratulations!  You just entered and analyzed a power system with EasyPower. You should be able to apply what you learned to your real-world systems by building on the knowledge you gained through this tutorial.

The steps you did here are very much like the steps you will do in making your own one-lines. For an example of a larger completed one-line, open the Bigger.dez database as described below.

Open the Bigger.dez Sample One-line

Click File > Open to select another database. EasyPower opens the Onelines folder in your Documents library. Open the Samples folder, and then double-click the Bigger.dez database.

Figure 1: Opening File “Bigger.dez”

Experiment with zooming in, doing analysis, and changing the database. Making One-line Diagrams discusses many concepts and actions not covered in this tutorial.

Try Your Own Power System

You can now start entering one of your own power systems. For information on specific database dialog boxes, see the Database Technical Reference.

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