What's New - EasyPower 11.0

The following are the primary features included in the 11.0 release. For additional features and release details, see EasyPower 11.0 Release Details.

For information on the latest service pack for this release, see EasyPower 11.0 SP1 Release Notes.

Single-Phase and Unbalanced 3-Phase Power Flow

The EasyPower Power Flow module now includes the ability to perform an unbalanced power flow analysis for systems that include 3-phase, single-phase, and DC equipment.

  • The unbalanced power flow analysis considers all phases, neutral and ground.
  • Supports display of results in multiple formats.

Power Flow Enhancements

In addition to the new single-phase and unbalanced 3-phase capabilities, the following power flow features are now available:

  • Display of diverged power flow solutions to help with troubleshooting.
  • Start an unlimited number of motors.
  • Capacitor-assisted motor starting.
  • Transformer ratings based on both ampere and kVA.
  • Option to reinitialize the LTC starting point from nominal.

Enhanced Database View

The Database Browser and Database Report, now accessible in the main ribbon, include new functionality and a simplified default display of essential system information in a tabular format.

  • Data can now be sorted by any parameter for improved organization such as grouping protective devices by their connected bus.
  • A new filter feature provides the ability to focus on specific subsets of equipment such as buses below a certain voltage.
  • More data fields have been added.
  • Improvements have been made to the user interface, report configurations, the Find function, and more.

Harmonics - IEEE 519-2022 Compliance

The Harmonics reports are updated in accordance with the revised limits in the latest version of IEEE 519.

  • Voltage distortion limits are now only considered for harmonic orders less than or equal to 50.
  • Current distortion limits for harmonics 2, 4, and 6 are decreased while limits for even harmonics greater than 6 are increased.

Revit® 2023 Support

The Revit Integrator now supports importing BIM projects from the latest version of AutoDesk® Revit®. You can download the EasyPower Integrator app from the Autodesk App Store. The App Store will be updated with the latest version shortly after the EasyPower 11.0 release, so please verify the version prior to downloading.

Release Note Details

For more details on the release and bug fix information, see EasyPower 11.0 Release Details.

Note: New release features often include changes to the database. This may affect what you see in the Database Browser and also what is included when you export data into CSV files. If your existing work processes rely on information from the database, be sure to review your processes after you update your software.

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