Short Circuit Reference (IEC)


The EasyPower short circuit analysis is designed for the analysis of three-phase and unbalanced faults in industrial, commercial, and utility power systems. You can calculate ANSI or IEC Standard fault currents for comparison with circuit breaker and fuse interrupting duties. You can also calculate currents for protective device coordination, analyze trouble spots using the symmetrical component output, and calculate remote bus fault voltages for the setting of voltage controlled relays.

This section describes how to use EasyPower's short circuit analysis features. It is intended to provide a procedural overview to help you quickly become productive. It is not intended to provide a tutorial on short circuit study procedures. You must be in the Short Circuit focus to do the operations described here.

The IEC short circuit procedures follow the standard IEC 60909-0: Short-Circuit Currents in Three-Phase AC Systems. The ANSI short circuit procedures are slightly different and are described in Short Circuit Reference (ANSI).

IEC short circuit options become available when the SC Calculation Method in Tools > Options > System is set to IEC-60909.

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