Arc Flash Hazard Analysis

Arc flash hazard analysis is carried out in the Short Circuit focus. The analysis yields results as required by NFPA-70E. NFPA requires specification of the arc flash boundary (AFB) and the incident arc energy at a probable working distance. Various analysis options are available such as the type of calculation method, working distances, units, type of enclosure for equipment, and use of arcing time. Results can be viewed on the one-line and in spreadsheet reports. The arc flash report is an interactive spreadsheet, in which you can change some values and the results change automatically. You can create Work Permits for working on energized equipment that recommends the appropriate PPE based on arc flash hazard analysis and the nature of work.

This tutorial demonstrates how to use several of EasyPower’s arc flash analysis features. EasyPower ArcFlash™ is integrated with the program’s short circuit analysis feature, so the interfaces are similar.

Short Circuit Focus

To perform an arc flash analysis, you must be in the Short Circuit focus.

  1. From the File menu, click Open File.
  2. Tip: If you are viewing the Start Page, you can click Open One-line instead.

  3. Open the Protection-1.dez file in your Samples directory.
  4. Click  Short Circuit to open the Short Circuit focus.
  5. Note: If any items are missing information that is needed to perform the analysis, the program generates an error report.

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