SmartPDC™ is an EasyPower feature that enables you to automatically coordinate circuit breakers, fuses, and relays based on downstream cables, motors, loads and protective devices. In the Coordination focus of EasyPower, you can select a single protective device or a group of protective devices and click Auto Coordinate to coordinate the selected items. Auto coordination applies the new settings to the temporary database in the coordination focus and creates an Auto Coordination Report. From the report, you can observe the protective device settings changes along with comments from the auto coordination process. Various coordination options are available to provide you flexibility in the auto coordination process. Auto Coordination supports both phase and ground coordination.

Phase Coordination vs. Ground Coordination

EasyPower SmartPDC™ is used for phase coordination, ground coordination, or both phase and ground coordination. This option is selected in the Auto Coordination Options tab of Coordination Options dialog. Phase coordination of the selected device uses downstream phase device settings to auto coordinate while ground coordination uses downstream ground device settings to auto coordinate.

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