Dynamic Stability


The Dynamic Stability feature in EasyPower enables you to simulate various power system events in the time domain such as motor starting, power system faults, switching of generators, loads and utility, and provides simulations results in plots and spreadsheets. Protective device tripping and contactor dropout are automatically simulated based on time-current curves and contactor data respectively.

This section is intended to provide a brief description of the various features and interface available in the Dynamic Stability focus.

If you are working with Dynamic Stability or Transient Motor Starting (TMS) features of EasyPower for the first time, the tutorials are a good place to start.

Note: If you have purchased only the Transient Motor Starting module and not the Dynamic Stability module, your menus and options will reflect the names "Transient Motor Starting" or "TMS" instead of Dynamic Stability.

Note: Starting with version 11.0, Power Flow analysis supports open tie-breakers. However, for Harmonics, Dynamic Stability, and Transient Motor Start analysis, tie-breakers will be supported in the future.

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