Electrode Configuration

With the IEEE 1584-2018 standard, conductor orientation was expanded to include more specific electrode configurations. The standard retains the configurations of enclosures and open air but renames and adds to the prior configurations. Electrode configurations are only applicable to the IEEE 1584-2018 standard.

For equipment where arc flash hazard results are calculated, you can select specific electrode configuration types. This affects the arc flash calculations by providing more realistic results based on the actual configuration.

A particular piece of equipment may have more than one electrode configuration, depending on operating conditions. You can select more than one type of electrode configuration for each piece of equipment. When you do this, EasyPower calculates the results of each configuration and displays the worst case results. Annex C in the IEEE 1584-2018 standard describes examples where you might use more than one electrode configuration.

The electrode configurations are described below.

Electrodes in Enclosures:

  • VCB: Vertical electrodes inside an enclosure.
  • VCBB: Vertical electrodes terminating in an insulating barrier inside an enclosure.
  • HCB: Horizontal electrodes inside an enclosure.

Electrodes in Open Air:

  • VOA: Vertical electrodes in open air.
  • HOA: Horizontal electrodes in open air.

Tip: To change the electrode configuration for multiple items on the one-line, select the items in the Database Edit focus and then on the Home tab, click Change > AF Bus Electrode Configuration.

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