Shunt Reactor Data

This dialog box includes the following areas and tabs:

See Common Tabs for information on the Location, Comments, Hyperlinks, or Collected Data tabs.

Figure 1: Shunt Data Dialog Box

Connection Information

Option Description
ID Name

Uniquely identifies the equipment item. The program automatically assigns a name, but you can change it, if needed. The name can be up to 16 characters long.

For shunts, the program automatically assigns the names SH-1, SH-2, SH-3, and so on.

To Bus

This is the ID name of the bus to which the equipment is connected. The base kV of the bus is indicated on the right.


The phase of the item. Currently, this is for reference only.

Specifications Tab

Option Description
R+jX Shunt data is entered as R+jX in ohms.  Standard shunt reactor data is entered using positive impedances, although negative numbers can also be entered.

Harmonics Tab

Use the Harmonics tab to indicate whether this equipment item is introducing harmonics into your power system.

Figure 2: Harmonics Tab

Option Description
Resistance Factor

EasyPower offers two methods for calculating RH:

  • Resistance varying with a power of the harmonic (R-EXP):
  • RH = RFund * H R-EXP

  • Resistance varying with a percent eddy current factor (%ECF):
  • RH = RFund * (1+ECF*H2)/(1+ECF)

EasyPower defaults all skin effect correction to R-EXP and a value of 0.5.

Typical Resistance Correction Factors




















Fundamental Amps

Use to set the fundamental amps. The options are as follows:

  • Equipment Rating sets Fundm Amps to the equipment rating of the item described in the Specifications tab. 
  • User Specified activates the Fundm Amps field, enabling you to specify a value. 

To use fundamental current calculated by power flow, select Calculated from Power Flow in the Summation Fundamental Voltage area of the Harmonics Options > Control dialog box.

Other Tabs

See Common Tabs for information on the Location, Comments, Hyperlinks, or Collected Data tabs.

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