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The Media Gallery is a collection of media files you can associate with your electrical system equipment. There are three methods by which you can add media to the gallery. These include:

  • Adding a media file to the Media Gallery. This puts the media file in the gallery but does not link it to a particular equipment item.
  • Adding a media file to an equipment item in the equipment's data dialog box. This puts the media file in the gallery and links it with the equipment item.
  • Importing the media file with collected data. This puts the media file in the gallery. If the media file is already linked to an equipment item in the collected data, the file remains linked with the equipment item. Tags, notes, and ink are also imported.

The following media file types are supported: BMP, JPG, GIF, PNG, ICO, TIFF, WMF, EMF.

When you double-click on a thumbnail in the media gallery, it opens the image in the default image viewer you have set up on your computer.

Note: The Media Gallery is currently only visible in DEZ one-lines, and not in SQL projects.

More Information

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