Defining PPE Levels

You can work with a limited number of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) levels for clothing classes. Clothing classes for incident energy calculations reference NFPA 70E table 130.5(G).

Note: Refer to the NFPA 70E standard for the proper application of PPE tables.

Figure 1: PPE Levels in the Device Library

Customizing Site-Specific Levels of PPE

You can create site-specific levels of PPE in the standard library as shown in the example below.

Note: The program requires the first row in the table (with a minimum of 0 cal/cm2). The minimum energy for Site-Specific Level 2 is set to 0.001 to include all incident energies greater than 0.

Figure 2: Site-Specific PPE Levels



PPE Level

This is the PPE level.

Minimum Energy (cal/cm2)

This is the minimum cal/cm2 energy that corresponds to the selected PPE Level Text on the right.

PPE Level Text

The PPE level (clothing class) displayed on the one-line and in text reports, labels and work permits. This corresponds to the site-specific levels of PPE.


Description of the clothing class. You can add or modify the text. This text is used in the labels and work permits.

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