Entering Dynamic Stability Data

The following equipment require dynamic stability data entered if their response is to be simulated.

Note: If you have purchased only the Transient Motor Starting module and not the Dynamic Stability module, your menus and options will reflect the names "Transient Motor Starting" or "TMS" instead of Dynamic Stability.


The Stability tab of the Motor Data dialog needs to be enabled and the motor model spreadsheet needs to be filled out. You can import typical data from the library. The running load and starting load data are modeled in the same tab. Based on motor torque-speed characteristics, you can derive motor model parameters using the tool Define Induction Motor Parameters. For details on induction motor parameter derivation, see Motor Data.


You can enter dynamic stability data for a generator, its governor and its exciter in the Stability 1 tab. Stability 2 is for power system stabilizer data.


You can enter the dropout voltage and the dropout delay time for the contactor for fused contactors or breaker-contactor combinations. The data is specified in the Fused Switch Data or LV Breaker Data dialog boxes.


You can specify the data required for ATS transfer action in Stability tab of the ATS Data dialog box.


The transformer inrush current can be modeled in the Stability tab of the Transformer Data dialog box.

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