Printing a One-Line

To print the one-line, first make sure the one-line you want to print is in the active window. Click Print to open the Print One-line dialog box.

Figure 1: Print One-line Dialog Box

Primary options on this dialog box include:

Option Description

Select Properties to change printer characteristics.

Print to file

Select Print to file to send the printout to a file instead of a printer.

Print Region

You can print either the entire one-line or a portion of it.

  • Current Window prints what you see in the active window.
  • Inside Box displays the box selection pointer after you click OK. The area you select with the pointer is then be sent to the printer.

    Scale to Fit Page: This selection causes what you chose in Print Region to be scaled to fit just inside the margins of one printed page.

    Scale to: When this is selected, EasyPower will use as many pages as needed to cover the entire area at the selected scale. A scale of 100% will cause one-line text to appear at the actual point size you chose in the Fonts tab of the Options dialog box (see Fonts Tab).

    Print a Border: Select the check box to draw a border inside the printed page, around the one-line area.


Select how many copies to print.

Print Title Block

Select the check box to include a title block in the one-line print out. To select a title block template and to configure or edit the text and logo inside the title block, click Settings. For details on configuring the title block, see section Title Block.

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