Customizing One-line Symbols

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You can create custom symbols for the equipment and protective devices in your one-line diagrams. This feature gives you control over the appearance of the symbols you see on your one-lines. Each individual one-line contains any custom symbols that have been defined, along with the system default symbols where customization was not defined.

Note: If you choose not to customize your symbols, the one-line displays the system default symbols based on the ANSI or IEC standard selected in Tools > Options > One-line Symbols.

Editing the symbols requires a basic understanding of XML file structuring. You can modify symbols using a standard text editor such as Notepad.

You must export a symbol file to create an initial file to edit. It is important to remove all the symbol information from the file except for the custom symbols you want to modify. You can then import the customized symbols back into the one-line. The symbol information stays with the .DEZ file so if you share the one-line file with another user, they see the customized symbols.

Any symbols that are part of the imported file become custom symbols—even if they currently match the system default symbols. We recommend that you only include symbols in the symbol template file that you specifically want to customize.

Note that the program only displays custom symbols when equipment is placed on the one-line. The Equipment Palette and other EasyPower menus do not display custom symbols and instead display the standard ANSI or IEC symbols based on the option selected in Tools > Options > One-line Symbols.

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