Documentation Conventions

This document uses the following conventions:

  • Text that is displayed in the program, such as buttons, icon names, field labels, and messages, appear in bold font. For example, "From the Home tab, click Database Edit."
  • Information that you are expected to type in the program are displayed in Times New Roman font. For example, "Type This is my comment in the box."
  • Directory paths and file names are displayed in italics. For example, "Select the EasyPower.exe file in the C:\Program Files (x86)\ EasyPower 10.4 directory."
  • File name extensions when used alone are fully capitalized. They are italicized to follow the conventions for file names. For example, "the DEZ file" or "the PDF file."
  • Menu paths are described with > separators. For example, "Select Home > Find-Select > Query" means to select the Home tab, click Find-Select, and then click Query.

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