First Steps

If you are new to EasyPower, we recommend that you review the Contents section to get familiar with the topics covered, and then start with:

  • Your First EasyPower One‑line—this topic provides you with the basic concepts of how the software works and shows you how to quickly and easily build one-line diagrams.
  • Making One-line Diagrams—this topic provides more detail on the specifics of building one-line diagrams.
  • Analysis Overview—this topic provides information on how to use EasyPower for studies and in-depth analysis. 

The online Help is available from within the software to provide assistance when you need it. For tips about how to get the most out of Help, be sure to read Using Help.

In addition to this documentation, our Technical Support staff is also very knowledgeable and willing to answer your questions on device libraries or technical details on particular analysis operations and standards.

Be sure to also check out our free training videos, located at

Tip: You can view a printable PDF copy of the User Guide or tutorials by opening the Start Page (Window > View Start Page), and then under Resources, click Documents.

More Information