What's New - EasyPower 10.4

The following are the primary features included in the 10.4 release. For additional features and release details, see EasyPower 10.4 Release Details.

Service Packs: For information on the latest service packs for this release, see 10.4 SP2 Release Notes.

Single Phase

EasyPower now supports single-phase modeling and analysis. This includes:

  • Single-phase tap from three-phase equipment using a line-to-line or line-to-neutral connection.
  • Single-phase tap from single-phase three-wire equipment using a line-to-line or line-to-neutral connection (for example, 120/240V).
  • Single-phase short circuit calculations including reports and equipment duty analysis.
  • Single-phase arc-flash calculations including reports and labels.
  • Single-phase protective device coordination and TCC plots.
  • Single-phase design load calculations.

The above is a partial list of the improvements. See EasyPower 10.4 Release Details and Single-Phase Modeling for more information.

Updates for NFPA 70 (NEC) 2020 and NFPA 70E 2021

New and updated tables, labels, and libraries to support updated standards.

Revit® Integrator Updates

This release includes support for Revit 2021 and several other enhancements.

  • New parameters for Revit fixture families.

  • Improved ability to import Circuit Rating, Frame Size, and Trip Amps.

  • Improved ability to map Demand Factor, Diversity Factor, and Cable Type.

  • Ability to round lengths during import.

Productivity and Usability Improvements

See EasyPower 10.4 Release Details for more information about the following:

  • Find-Select Feature Improvements

  • Quantity Based Demand Factor

  • Custom Terminology for Phase Descriptions

  • Data Text Block 2 Added for Buses

  • Support for IEEE-1584-2018 in Dynamic Stability

  • Error Report Improvements

  • TCC Enhancements

  • Custom Shortcut Keys

  • Notes in EasyPower

  • Contacting Support

  • Bug Fixes

Release Note Details

For more details on the release and bug fix information, see EasyPower 10.4 Release Details.

Note: New release features often include changes to the database. This may affect what you see in the Database Browser and also what is included when you export data into CSV files. If your existing work processes rely on information from the database, be sure to review your processes after you update your software.

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