Querying to Select

To select multiple items that match certain criteria from a query, from the Home tab, click Find-Select > Query.

Figure 1: Query Dialog Box

Option Description

Item Types

Only item types you select here are considered for selection.

Region to Consider

To limit the items EasyPower considers for selection, select the desired region. If you select Inside Box, a box pointer appears after you click OK. Use the left mouse button to drag the box pointer around the region you want to select.


Select Item Selection to have the items highlighted on the one-line, or Text to have those items listed on a Query text report.

ID Name Contains

To select only items with certain characters in their names, type those characters here. If this field is left blank, the ID names are not considered for selection purposes. In this field, there are some special characters that can be used. For Note items, the actual note text is considered.

If you open this query using the Advanced Query link on the Find-Select dialog box, the ID name displays the name of the last item that was selected in the Find-Select dialog box.

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