Selecting Items

Many operations require you to select one or more items in the database first. 

Selecting an Individual Item

Click an item to select it, and then select the action you want to take. By default, the color indicating a selected state is green, but this can be changed in Tools > Options > Color.

For example, select an item and then press DELETE to delete the selected item. 

Selecting All Items

To select all items in an active one-line or an entire text report, do one of the following:

  • On the keyboard, press CTRL+A.
  • In the ribbon view, click Find-Select > Select All.

Selecting with the Mouse

The simplest way to select an item is to move the  Select pointer over the item and click on it.

To select a group of items in a region, click and hold the left mouse button while dragging a rectangular shape around the items you want to select.

When you click to make a new selection, this automatically removes the selection of currently selected items. To select additional items without removing the currently selected items, hold down the SHIFT or CTRL key and select the additional items.

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