Setting File Properties

After opening a one-line, click File > Properties to set project information. Any properties you set here are specific to only this one-line.

Figure 1: File Properties Dialog Box

Properties Tab

The primary options are described in the table below.

Option Descriptions
Option Description


Path of the saved one-line file. This is set to the EasyPower 10.5 folder in your Documents folder by default. It may be set to another location, such as a shared network folder, if needed. See File Locations Tab and Sharing the EasyPower Data for more information.

Project Name

Type the text you want to use to identify the project. This text is optional and is printed in the header for each page of printed reports. 

Project Code

Type the text you want to further identify the project. This text is optional and is not printed anywhere.

Import Load File

Gives the name of the last SCADA file imported into this one-line database. If no SCADA import has been used, then NONE appears here. See SCADA Importing and Exporting for more information.

Device Library

This shows the path of the default device library as set in Tools > Options > File Locations. If you select Specified, you can browse your directories to assign a library path to this particular one-line database. The path of the specified library will be stored in the one-line file.

Template Type

You can specify the schedule template you want to use for MCCs, panels, panelboards, switchgear, and single-phase panels. The templates set up in Tools > Options > File locations are used by default, but if you select the Specified check box here, you can select a different default template that is specific to this one-line database. A copy of the schedule is stored in the one-line file. This ensures that if you share this file with another EasyPower user, they will see the same information in the same format. See File-Specific Templates for more information.

If you previously selected to specify a template and later decide to remove it by clearing the Specified check box, the one-line uses the default templates set up in Tools > Options.

Note: The templates are not available to change when you are viewing a scenario.

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