Activating Your Software

The first time you run your EasyPower software, you are asked to activate your copy with your authorization code. Activating ensures that you as a licensed user have access to the EasyPower program and features.

Before you can activate the software, you must first install the software. See Installing EasyPower for information.

Before you run EasyPower, make sure your USB key is inserted in the computer, if applicable.

Note: You must have access to the Internet to activate your software. If you do not have access to the Internet on this computer, you will be given the option to create a file you can send to technical support (from another computer, for example), and you will then receive a file you can import to this computer to activate it. See Activating Your Software Offline for more information.

Activate your software, as follows:

  1. After your EasyPower software is installed, from your Windows menu, select EasyPower 10.6.
  2. In the Product Activation window, enter the Authorization Code you received from EasyPower LLC, select whether the license should apply to only the current user or all users, and then click Next.
  3. Figure 1: Product Activation Window

    Note: If your authorization code indicates this is a network installation, the software attempts to locate the server automatically. If the USB license key is not inserted, you will be instructed to insert it. If it still cannot be found (for example, the key is inserted but the server is located on another network), you will be given the opportunity to enter the server's IP address.

    If the computer is not able to connect to the Internet to complete the activation, you will receive an error message. Check your Internet and firewall connections, and try again. If you do not have Internet access on this computer, see Activating Your Software Offline.

    For licenses that do not require a hardware key, the only valid option is current user. The program automatically switches to this option and displays a message indicating this has occurred if a keyless license is being used.

  4. In the Product Activation window, do the following:
    • Select your default settings for units, short circuit standard, and frequency. These settings are used as defaults for all new one-lines, but you can change them at any time in Tools > Options on the System tab.
    • Note: If your EasyPower license is for both ANSI and IEC short circuit, select the one you use most often. You can change the short circuit setting in Tools > Options when you need to switch between them.

    • Select your default equipment symbols. This setting is also used as a default for all new one-lines, but you can change them at any time in Tools > Options on the One-line Symbols tab.
    • Decide if you want to participate in the EasyPower Product Improvement Program by selecting or clearing the check box. We encourage you to participate—the program is voluntary and anonymous. To learn more about the program, click Read about our policy.

    Figure 2: Product Activation - Participation Window

  5. Click Finish to complete the installation.
  6. In the splash screen, select Start Program to start using EasyPower.

Figure 3: EasyPower Splash Screen

Note: If you have multiple licenses for your software, you can add additional licenses from within EasyPower by selecting Tools > Manage License Keys. See Managing Licenses for more information.

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