Installing or Updating a Key

Use these instructions to:

  • Install an SL key for the first time
  • Update an SL, HL Pro, or HL Net key.

Important: If you are installing an SL key, be sure that the computer on which you are running the Key Management utility is the SL key license server.

Figure 1: Install or Update Key Dialog Box

Online Installation

To install a Sentinel SL key, or to install or update an HL Pro or HL Net key, do the following:

  1. Start the Key Management Utility. (See Starting the Key Management Utility.)
  2. Enter your 25-character authorization code.
  3. Click Install or Update Key. This process may take several seconds to complete, and informs you when the key is successfully installed.

If there is an error installing the key, or you are unable to connect this computer to the Internet, use the Offline Installation process.

More Information

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Installing or Updating a Key

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