Key Management Utility


EasyPower requires either a hardware lock (HL) key or a software lock (SL) key to run. EasyPower uses Sentinel keys for license management. The purpose of the Key Management utility is to handle Sentinel SL key installations, updates, and transfers. The utility also handles HL key updates.

Important: The installation of an SL key or update of an HL key must be completed before you activate the EasyPower software.

Starting the Key Management Utility

The Key Management Utility is available from the Windows Start menu, under EasyPower 10.6.

  • Windows 7: Start > All Programs > EasyPower 10.6 > Key Management Utility.
  • Windows 8: Start > EasyPower 10.6 > Key Management Utility.
  • Windows 10: Start > All Apps > EasyPower10.6 > Key Management Utility.

Note: The EasyPower installation automatically installs the Key Management Utility. If EasyPower is not currently installed on your license server and you need to use the Key Management Utility, we recommend that you install EasyPower to the server. In situations where that is not an option, contact

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