Sharing the EasyPower Data

Sharing is Not Required

It is not required that you share files across a network. All of the installation options install the files necessary to run and use EasyPower on your local computer. For example, a copy of the device library (Stdlib.mdb) is included with each installation. If you do not perform any customization of the device library, it is not necessary to share the file. However, if you DO customize the device library and are not sharing it, other computers will not have the customized library available to them.

By default, files you use regularly and can modify are stored in your Documents library, under a subfolder that includes the program name and version. There may be an additional subfolder depending on the type of file. For example, work permit templates for EasyPower are stored under Documents\EasyPower 10.6\Work Permits.

Sharing Data Files

The types of files you can share include:

  • Device libraries (for example, Stdlib.mdb)
  • One-lines (.DEZ)
  • Subsystems
  • Title Block Templates
  • Work Permits
  • Arc Flash Labels
  • Schedule Templates

EasyPower installs data files (such as one-lines, device libraries, and templates) in the following location:


EasyPower automatically creates this folder the first time you run the program on your computer.

If you plan to share your data files, use Windows to set up file sharing with Read/Write permissions to a shared location. For new installations, copy the files from the location listed above to the shared location to make them available to other users. Do not share the default installation location. This preserves a backup copy of the original files.

On each client computer where EasyPower is installed, use Tools > Options > File Locations to specify the shared location of your data files.

For more information, see File Locations Tab.

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