What's New - EasyPower 10.6

The following are the primary features included in the 10.6 release. For additional features and release details, see EasyPower 10.6 Release Details.

  • Data Collection with Camera Integration: Within EasyPower, new features now allow you to take pictures with your computer's built-in camera or an external camera and immediately associate pictures with specific equipment in your model. You can also add names, notes, and tags to pictures within EasyPower.

  • Boundary Calculations for User-Specified Arc Flash PPE Ratings: A new option is available to calculate an additional boundary for arc flash--the PPE Boundary. The PPE Boundary is the distance at which the available incident energy is equivalent to the user-specified PPE Rating. You can set the Rating for PPE Boundary in the Advanced Arc Flash Options. Use this option to set a specific energy value for which you would like a distance calculated in addition to the normal arc flash boundary calculation. This option applies only when the arc flash hazard standard is set to use IEEE 1584-2018.

  • Auto-Calculate Added for HV and LV Breakers: HV and LV Breaker short circuit information is now auto-calculated based on manufacturer library information. You can also choose to disable auto-calculation and enter this data manually.

  • Retain Defaults When Upgrading: When you upgrade EasyPower from a prior version (10.0 or later), your custom equipment default, short circuit, and arc flash settings are automatically retained through the update process.

  • TCC Title Block - Linked or Custom Names: You can now link the name in a TCC title block to the name under which the TCC is stored, or specify a custom name in the title block.

Click this link to watch a video of all the new features.

Release Note Details

For more details on the release and bug fix information, see EasyPower 10.6 Release Details.

Note: New release features often include changes to the database. This may affect what you see in the Database Browser and also what is included when you export data into CSV files. If your existing work processes rely on information from the database, be sure to review your processes after you update your software.

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