Power Flow Analysis


The EasyPower power flow analysis is designed for the analysis of three-phase and single-phase mixed system power flows and voltage drops in industrial, commercial, and utility power systems. EasyPower can be used to calculate MW and MVAR flows, voltage drops, overload and voltage violations, losses, unbalance violations, and other steady state parameters. It can also be used to study system optimization, generator and transformer control, impact motor starting, and power factor correction.

EasyPower is unique in that individual bus loads, generation, and shunts can be modeled on a bus without grouping. This provides the highest degree of flexibility and modeling accuracy. Detailed three-phase and single-phase (including center-tapped) transformer models provide off nominal tap ratios and load tap changers on either side of the transformer and all three-phase vector groups in the distribution network.

This section describes how to use EasyPower's power flow analysis features. It is intended to provide a procedural overview which will help you quickly become productive. It is not intended to provide a tutorial on power flow study procedures. You must be in the Power Flow focus to do the operations described here.

Note: If any items are missing information that is needed to perform the analysis, the program generates an error report.

Note: Starting with version 11.0, Power Flow analysis supports open tie-breakers. However, for Harmonics, Dynamic Stability, and Transient Motor Start analysis, tie-breakers will be supported in the future.

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