Arc Flash Calculations in Dynamic Stability

You can perform arc flash hazard calculations in Dynamic Stability. The calculations are as per the IEEE 1584-2002 standard. To enable arc flash hazard calculations, select the Use Arc Flash Simulations for Faults check box in the Dynamic Stability Options dialog box. Double-click on a bus to fault it. The arc flash hazard results are displayed in the DS Messages log.  Also, the auto-plot shows Vpu at the faulted bus, arcing current at the faulted bus, and Incident Energy (IE) at the faulted bus.  Plots can also be defined to show various values for other equipment based on the arcing fault.

Notes on arc flash hazard calculations:

  • Only “Including Main” cases are calculated in dynamic stability arc flash. If the faulted bus has a main breaker or fuse, the trip function of the Main will be used in the simulation.
  • Only the IEEE 1584-2002 equations are supported for the stability arc flash.  The extra CL fuse equations are not supported.
  • The Arcing Current % set up in Dynamic Stability - Arc Flash Options is used for any stability arc flash calculation—including for >1 kV buses. The default is 100%. To calculate for 85% acing current, you need to specify this in the Dynamic Stability Options.
  • Arc flash boundary is calculated based on the boundary energy criteria specified in the Short Circuit Options - Arc Flash Hazard - Advanced dialog box.

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