Coordination with PowerProtectorâ„¢


EasyPower PowerProtector coordination includes multiple easy-to-use graphical tools to solve protective device coordination problems. Using the data stored in the Device Library, EasyPower can plot time-current characteristics (TCC) curves of protective devices as well as the damage curves of other devices. Individual plots can be coordinated with each other and with the short circuit analysis results. Selection of the type and settings of the protective devices can be made using the coordination features.

More Information

Short Circuit Analysis in Coordination Focus Insert Difference Calculator
Coordination Options Temporary Data Dialog Boxes
Short Circuit Options Save and Store
TCC Options Open and Delete TCCs
Arc Flash Hazard Analysis in Coordination Focus Formatting Appearance
Tick Marks Copy TCC
Plotting a TCC Curve from a One-Line TCC Coordination Report
Plotting Motor Starting Curve on TCC Print the TCC
Plotting Items in MCCs and Panels Zone Selective Interlock (ZSI)
Plotting Functional Groups Maintenance Mode Trip
Editing TCC Curves Global TCC Changes vs. TCC Dependent Changes