Files Used in Revit and EasyPower

There are several different files that are created in Revit and EasyPower. This topic describes the files that the tasks in each program creates. You can change the names of the files, but should not change the file extensions.


File Created


Export to File Revit_project_name.rvt2ezp This file is used to send Revit information to EasyPower.
Import to EasyPower Revit_project_name.dez This file is created when you import the file into EasyPower that was exported from Revit.
Export to Revit Revit_project_name.ezp2rvt After this file is created, it is then used to import from EasyPower back into Revit.

Revit project file


This file contains the Revit project information.

Revit configuration file


This file is created in EasyPower as part of the mapping configuration process. After the file is created, it can be used as a template for new import mappings.

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